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  • Create EML file from System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

    For a project I was working on, I needed to create an EML file from the standard MailMessage class which exists in the System.Net.Mail namespace. I came across an article which describes how to extend the save functionality on the MailMessage class. Using the same technique I created an extension method which is able to save the MailMessage class as EML. Read more

  • Presenting iDeal.NET

    iDeal is the leading online payment platform in the Netherlands. Last year when working on I had to create an API to interact with our iDeal provider (Rabobank) to handle all online payments. I noticed that a lot of examples existed out there especially for PHP, but nothing really usable for the .NET ecosystem. So I decided to open source the API on GitHub and call it iDeal.NET. The API takes care of all communications with the iDeal provider and is easily integrated into a .NET (web)application. Read more

  • Using P4Merge with TortoiseGit

    The team I’m currently working with uses Perforce as their versioning system. Personally I prefer Git over Perforce, but Perforce has a great merging/diff tool called P4Merge. Fortunately you can install P4Merge separately without the rest of the system. I mainly use the Bash and TortoiseGit when working with GIT , this article demonstrates how to integrate P4Merge with TortoiseGit. Read more

  • Starting IIS Express from the command line

    I've been working with IIS express for some time now, but only as an integrated webserver in Visual Studio. Today I stumbled upon a feature of IIS Express I didn't know existed. You can start IIS express from the commandline and host a webapplication on the fly. No Visual Studio needed. Read more

  • Update jqGrid Html helper for ASP.NET MVC

    We released a new version of MvcJqGrid, a fluent html helper which eases the the implementation of jqGrid in ASP.NET MVC applications. I'll give a short description of the most notable changes in this article. Source code and documentation are hosted on github. We included a sample application in the source code, a live example can be found here. Read more

  • Setting up FluentValidation for ASP.NET MVC using Ninject

    FluentValidation is a powerful library to validate your model objects fluently. Setting up FluentValidation is easy, import the NugGet package to your project and you're ready to go. It's possible to setup FluentValidation using an IoC container, which is very useful when your validators contain some dependencies which you would like to remove using dependency injection. In this article I'll show you how to use Ninject to setup FluentValidation. Read more

  • AutoPoco, create meaningful test data based on your domain objects. (.NET)

    Creating test data for your applications is usually a cumbersome and not too inspiring exercise, to say the least. Lately I discovered a nice tool called AutoPoco which is created by Rob Ashton. AutoPoco enables you to generate meaningful test data based on your domain objects (poco's). AutoPoco is able to generate data for individual unit tests, or you can use AutoPoco to generate large amounts of test data to populate your database. Read more

  • Fluent jqGrid Html Helper for ASP.NET MVC

    JqGrid is a widely adopted grid plugin for jQuery, notorious for its flexibility and tons of available features, and last but not least it's free! Creating the appropriate JavaScript to create a jqGrid and effectively use the available options can be a little verbose, and usually requires a lot of visits to the documentation wiki. I decided to create a html helper for ASP.NET MVC, which eases the implementation of jqGrid inside the view. Read more

  • Fluent Interfaces in Views en Templates

    De afgelopen tijd zijn wij binnen Webpirates fan geworden van het gebruik van fluent interfaces om onze code beter leesbaar te maken. In dit artikel wil ik laten zien hoe wij fluent interfaces inzetten om views en templates een stuk leesbaarder, schoner en eenvoudiger in gebruik te maken. Read more

  • Sitefinity CMS

    Om opdrachtgevers in staat te stellen hun eigen website te beheren, zet Webpirates op dit moment Joomla of intern ontwikkelde content management systemen in. Deze systemen zijn momenteel allemaal ontwikkeld in PHP. Om onze dienstverlening uit te breiden ben ik de afgelopen periode op zoek gegaan naar een CMS dat gebaseerd is op ASP.NET. Read more

  • Software design principles

    Eén van mijn persoonlijke doelen met betrekking tot Webpirates is om de bestaande technische kennis en vaardigheden binnen Webpirates vast te leggen, te delen en te vergroten. In dit kader zal ik regelmatig een artikel schrijven die één of meerdere aspecten belicht van het software-ontwikkelproces. Dit artikel geeft een overzicht van software design principes die in de loop der jaren industriestandaarden zijn geworden en door elke programmeur gekend en toegepast zouden moeten worden. Read more

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